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Questions and Answers

I continue to question why you stay in California. It seems every day I hear more and more about what distressful things are coming out of that State. When I was in school and first learning about government, I got the impression that “Liberals” seemed to be people who care about the well being of all other people. Now it just seems to me that “Liberals” are going to great lengths to destroy the sanctity of all that will bring people to greatness—be it on their own or with help. Anyway, I know you must hear enough about the State and City you live in. I just can’t help to question why you stay. You must feel so out of place.

Why did God put me in California, especially right in the middle of San Francisco “pride”?


The city is full of wickedness and evil;
it is full of sin;
The streets of San Francisco are never free
from tyranny and deceit.


— See Psalm 55:11–12

Well, San Francisco is my personal purgatory. It has been said that the price we pay for purgation in this life is nothing compared to what we will have to pay in Purgatory, so let us pay as much of the price now as possible. In living in the midst of the depths of human depravity, I become more able to understand the depths of divine mercy. In fact, the world continues in existence today only because of faithful souls through the ages who, surrounded with depravity, have been praying for God’s mercy.

The Showcase

Yes, distressful things are coming out of this state because California—the Original State of Sin—is infested with demons, and San Francisco is one of their showcases.


Their very look bears witness against them;
     their sin like Sodom they vaunt,
They hide it not. Woe to them!
     they deal out evil to themselves.


— Isaiah 3:9

Moreover, not just San Francisco in its pride, and not just California, and not just America, but the entire world has largely abandoned and deserted God’s grace. Traditional European culture is in shambles, and it’s Europe’s own fault. They haven’t just ignored the dignity of the soul, they have denied the soul’s existance. Inestimable sins today wound the Sacred Heart of Jesus—sins committed not just by the enemies of the Church but also by so-called Christians who have grown lukewarm and indifferent to the true Faith. Abortion, addictions, assisted suicide, child abuse, contempt for the environment, divorce, eroticism, exploitation of the weak and the helpless, hate and hostility, idolatry of entertainment and sports, illegal immigration, immodesty, infanticide, lifestyles defiant of chastity, marijuana, pornography, prostitution, and all self-indulgence in general warrant our chastisement by God. 

We have turned so far from aspirations to purity that we are on the brink of our own condemnation. When we have fallen so far into spiritual blindness who needs terrorists to threaten us when we have more and more disasters—hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, fires, tsunamis, blizzards, oil spills, and economic failures—to remind us that God has created this world and all we have in it, and that self-indulgence is ultimately as meaningless as technology without electricity? But will we listen?


Let the nations be judged in your presence.
Strike them with terror, Lord;
show the nations they are mere mortals.


— Psalm 9A:20–21


Yet those devout souls who get on their knees in penitential prayer help to ward off disaster, praying and making sacrifices to obtain the grace that the faithful may be spared from the chastisement, that the lukewarm will repent their indifference and ignorance and be moved to witness the true faith, and that the wicked will be brought to conversion.

Read an excerpt from a letter about repentance
by Saint Clement, pope

And that’s why we have cities like San Francisco, cities of the living dead. Most of the people here are already in hell; they have nothing to believe in but liberal politics, pornography, and marijuana. The agony of living in the midst of this insanity can teach us how to pray and beg for mercy. We have to learn that we cannot ascend to the heights of divine love unless we are willing to understand the depths of divine love. We have to smell the stench of sin, see its ugly gloom hanging over us, hear its raucous din, and feel it pressing its lust against us—and still know that God’s love descends even to these depths, calling us out of our depravity. Justice would like to see this city burnt to a cinder, yet God tells us, “I do not desire anyone to be lost. Pray for them all, even the most abhorrent and wicked, that at least some might be saved.”

Yes, God is merciful, for all of us have until the last moment of our lives the opportunity to repent our sins. But after that last breath, it will be too late, and the wicked will be swept away like weeds for the fire (cf. Matthew 13:30).

All pride ends in hell.

Therefore, without losing patience or faith we must pray constantly and make sacrifices for the enlightenment and conversion of all the countless souls lost in mortal sin—thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of lost souls everywhere you turn, on sidewalks and freeways, in buses and trains, and even in churches and rectories. Where is holiness, if not in the prayers of your own heart?


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The Way of the Wicked


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