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Psychological Healing
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Questions and Answers

“And why did Christ not take any women for Apostles? And why did He call God the Father? Well, if these facts pain you, then consider it your cross and bear it. Take that cross you wear around your neck like a piece of jewelry and start carrying it. If you believe that Christ is God—and if you don’t then you are self-deceived in calling yourself a Christian—then you must believe He did and said these things for a reason..”
Yes, I believe He said and did these things for a reason: He lived 2,000 years ago as a human male in a pre-conventional society. There is room for Him to have made a few mistakes that no longer apply to unfolding evolutionary human reality today and still be Who He Is—THAT close every moment, He is with us always.
I’ve read enough now to know that you are too smart for your own good—and use “of course” often enough to betray your own fears and defenses. (Thus the complaints about your authoritative punitive tone here utterly lacking in the humility and patience you preach. Be careful.)
You might want to learn how to use all that intelligence against your own certainties.
You do understand a lot, yet you do not yet know enough to know that you know nothing—or understand that those who know do don’t talk so much.
Who on earth is giving you the imprimatur for this site? And, if no one, where are your disclaimers and justifications for such authoritative religious and mystical teaching?
Not bad, but more than a little scary—something is wrong with this picture. Without knowing you or much more about you, not much more can be said in an anonymous comment. All the signs are there, however, that you have a shadow as long and deep as the Church itself. (And, I am, as they say, a “cradle Catholic.”)
By the way, if He had been free to choose women as apostles, it’s unlikely the “infallible” Church would have been harboring male target pedophiles for centuries—protecting them over children—(What would Jesus have done, do you think?)—and now facing its own stubborn disintegration.
Jesus made forgivable mistakes typical to his time and is still Who He Is. The Church has made unforgivable mistakes and will be hard pressed to evolve to survive.
You’re smart, but be very careful and take care.

Outline of the Answer
• Pedophilia in the Church
• The Psychology of Pedophilia
• Humanistic Scandal
• The Shadow of Disobedience
• Forgiveness
• What’s Wrong with the Picture?

Pedophilia in the Church has its cause in disobedience, not in the male priesthood per se, and not in the celibacy of the male priesthood. The Church has taught for ages that all sexual activity which is not open to procreation between a man and a woman within the indissoluble bond of Holy Matrimony and family is a mortal sin, and so anyone who molests a child flouts the Magisterium of the Church with disgusting insolence.

The Psychology of Pedophilia

In its psychological dimension, pedophilia is really a sort of sexual vampirism in which the adult seeks to cheat his or her own emotional death by preying on the vitality of young innocence.

Through my clinical work I have seen that fantasies related to pedophilia are “fueled” at the core by feelings of unconscious anger. The pedophile, embittered for lacking an innocent childhood himself, craves to devour the helpless innocence of his victim child, and, in devouring it, to defile it. To his conscious mind, all the pedophile sees is desire, and he might even interpret this desire as “love,” as the name pedophilia (from the Greek paidos, a child, and philos, loving) suggests. But, ironically, in its deep unconscious reality pedophilia is nothing but envious hatred for the good and the innocent.

Humanistic Scandal

The number of priests who have abused children is minuscule—absolutely minuscule—compared to the number of married men who have abused children. So, given that married men blatently abuse children, how can anyone rationally equate celibacy with sexual abuse?

Moreover, the number of priests who have sexually abused girls is minuscule compared to the number of priests who have sexually abused boys. Thus, the real problem with pedophilia lies with sexual perversions that have disgraced human morality through the ages, as Saint Paul makes clear in Romans 1:24–32.

In fact, just like those who claim that Christ made a mistake in not taking women as Apostles, many now claim that Christ and the early Church made a mistake in teaching that the Kingdom of Heaven is open only to those who live chaste lifestyles. Consequently, we have before us now the scandals resulting from this sort of self-indulgent reasoning that justifies nothing but narcissistic weakness.


Yes, when you are obedient I take away your weakness and replace it with My strength. I am very surprised that souls do not want to make that exchange with me.


—told to St. Faustina by Jesus
(Diary, 381)

The Shadow of Disobedience

The Church does have a long shadow, but it’s the shadow of disobedience cast by both men and women who have fallen into apostasy. We have liberal priests who stab Christ in the back right at the altar, and we have heretical bishops who feed their flocks to the wolves. But do you really believe that feminist teachers in Catholic schools today who attempt to convert vulnerable young girls to unchaste lifestyles are without blame? Do you really believe that women who renounce their proper femininity—that is, their place in their families as modest, humble, obedient, and courageous defenders of the true Faith for their children, in imitation of the Blessed Virgin—are without blame? What would Christ say about that?


So, yes, it is easy to find corrupt individuals even within the Church. There have always been corrupt individuals in the Church, and, until Christ comes again in glory to judge the living and the dead, there will always be corrupt individuals in the Church.
But the Church herself is pure; she always has been, and she always will be.


The great mystics (beginning with Saint Paul himself), quoted throughout this website, spoke in unquestioning obedience to the divine authority of Scripture and Tradition. What do those who dissent from the true Faith have to stand on besides the empty mistakes of their own humanistic liberalism? Heretics who claim to be Catholic are legion, but if they think that sawing off the limb on which they stand can make the rest of the tree fall over, they are in for a very, very big surprise.


True Christians can forgive those who, instead of submitting to being pruned of their own stubbornness, attempt to prune the Church of what isn’t to their personal liking. Instead of hating them, we can pray that such persons repent before they hit the ground.

Even pedophiles who repent sincerely can be forgiven by God. Moreover, even if they don’t repent, we can still forgive them.

Furthermore, even you, instead of blaming God for the sins of your father, can forgive your own father for the hypocrisy in your family that wounded you. The real mistake, which you make in taking an “authoritative punitive tone utterly lacking in humility and patience,” is the mistake of refusing forgiveness to others, from the depths of your heart, for their mistakes, no matter what they have done.


What about the sin that cannot be forgiven? Well, when Jesus said that “blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven” (cf. Matthew 12:31-32; Mark 3:28-30; Luke 12:10) he spoke to the fact that attributing to Satan—or to mere human activity—the workings of the Spirit of God is its own act of denying the healing and mercy that Christ brought to us.
Be careful, then, not to attribute to human “mistakes” the divine actions of Christ.


What’s Wrong with the Picture?

So, what’s wrong with the picture? People who protest the Faith, rather than live it with absolute certainty, are wrong. What a sad picture it is, for it’s seen everywhere in the world today.

But take heart, because the true Church, the Church against which even the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail, the Church that, in her absolute purity, has always been “outside the picture,” is praying for you, and for all. You can be absolutely certain of that.


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