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I am so livid at the Luciferian commie Democrats and their above-the-law political corruption. What are we supposed to do? They are getting away with anything they want and there is no justice. Why doesn’t God strike them down?

Then Christ and the apostles were rejected in Samaria, the apostles were livid. They wanted to call down fire from heaven as vengeance (Luke 9:54). But Christ rebuked them and led them to another village.

The point of this story is to show us that vengeance does not belong to us. Moreover, the passage following this passage has the theme of what it means to follow Christ: to give up our old ways of life and to take up a new mission of proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

Now, in regard to our being livid about something, our “old way of life” is vengeance taken by our own hands. Christ, however, tells us to give up our old ways of life and to follow Him. But does that mean that there is no justice for the wicked? No. Their justice will come sooner or later—if not in this life, soon, through legal justice, then later when they die.


Let the wicked continue in their wicked ways, the depraved in their depravity! The virtuous must live on in their virtue and the holy ones in their holiness! . . . I bring with Me the reward that will be given to each man as his conduct deserves. . . . Blessed are they who wash their robes so as to have free access to the tree of life and enter the city through its gates! Outside are the dogs and sorcerers, the fornicators and murderers, the idol-worshipers and all who love falsehood.


—Revelation 22:11–15

Therefore, all those “Luciferian commie Democrats,” as you call them, will receive their judgment in due time, sooner or later, as God determines. C1iηtοη’s private mafia can assassinate her enemies, but she can’t assassinate God. Pe1οsi was excommunicated for her lack of repentance, and she has shown no sign of repentance since. Dr. Falsie’s policies killed many persons and crippled the lives of millions of children, so he has a huge millstone around his neck. 0bama’s plan for his presidency was to destroy America, and his sowing of chaos was done in the service of the devil. ßideη’s anti-Catholic insanity was blessed by the Pope, so he has no motive to repent. Without repentance, all of these politicians are in grave spiritual danger and are on a collision course with hell. As for the Pope himself, well, the devil is drooling over a big fish on the way.

Furthermore, those who ever voted for any of those politicians are also in grave spiritual danger.

As for the rest of us, the devil is eager to snatch us if we fall into anger about politics. Only those who are living pure spiritual lives have any hope of surviving the evil assaulting us.

So, pray for justice. But let it be legitimate justice, not “justice” for fake political accusations. Pray constantly for Christ to administer that justice, whether it be political or divine, when and how He chooses.

In God We Trust


Psalms 6 and 10 (II)  (adapted)

In the midst of the spiritual oppression in these dire times, pray for comfort and hope in God’s justice.

Psalm 6
LORD, rescue me in Your mercy;
protect me in Your love.
Have mercy on me, Lord, for my spirit is oppressed by lies and deceit,
my body is racked with pain,
and my soul is troubled and anguished.
But You, O God . . . how long before You rebuke the wicked?
Lord, rescue my soul.
In Your love deliver me from evil.
I am exhausted with my groaning;
every night I drench my pillow with tears;
I bedew my bed with sadness.
By day, my eyes waste away with grief because I am surrounded by foes.
Let the wicked flee before You;
my weeping calls for Your help, O God,
and my sorrowful cry for justice echoes throughout Heaven.
Accept my prayer, that my enemies will fall into confusion,
foiled and confounded.
Psalm 10 (II)
Arise then, Lord, send forth your light and your truth!
O God, protect the faithful!
With brazen arrogance the wicked spurn You, their Lord,
and think in their hearts, “There is no supreme accountability.”
But You regard the trouble and sorrow;
You note it and keep an account.
I entrust myself to You,
for You are my helper and the helper of all the faithful.
Those who place their trust in You shall understand truth,
and they shall abide with You in love;
but the wicked perish by the poison they have prepared for others.
Lord, receive my prayer and the prayers of all the faithful;
strengthen my heart and protect my hope,
that my enemies’ power to afflict terror will be crushed in the face of eternal justice.


Lord, have mercy and attend to my woeful plight;
agents of sedition have conspired in devising ruthless plots to promulgate their evil intentions.

In Your justice, rescue me and deliver me.

Lord, I beseech You, scatter the lies and threats of my enemies.
I, for my part, will uphold truth with fearlessness.

In Your Real Presence, there is love, and there is my hope.

Adapted from Psalms 6 and 10, Daniel 9:18, Acts 4:29, and Wisdom 3:9–11
Adaptations and Typesetting
Copyright © 2021–2022 Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.
All rights reserved.


Prayers for Hope

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Prayers for Hope

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