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A reader comments about healing from Borderline Personality Disorder . . .

I first came across your website by “chance” three or four years ago. I had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have since had that diagnosis retracted. Another psychiatrist concluded I had borderline personality disorder. Whatever I had, I was struggling. I was drowning in sin, in pain and hurt, and in anger. In that state, I was skeptical of your advice, as I was wont to believe the “chemical imbalance” narrative, and I was also a hypocrite and unprepared to give myself to God with total abandon.

Recently, I have “returned” to Christ in that I have reorientated my life more profoundly to follow him. I have also taken responsibility for my own mental state and have made a lot of progress since being discharged from the mental health services. It is hard work but it is so rewarding and for once I am receiving true healing. I am so thankful that I have realised the importance of these things [in my 20s] because I know so many older people who continue to suffer. Dealing with this now gives me the opportunity to live a holier, more obedient life in the future.

I recently remembered your website—actually it came to me while I was praying—and returned to it, this time with the grace to perceive how it might help me. Now I’m working through everything you have posted on the website, and continue to be healed and renewed every day. I no longer believe that I would qualify as being mentally ill and I am proud to have been healed by God alone! Your website has played a valuable part in tearing me away from all the hurt and problems I used to have and reforming me as a child of God . . . because the Lord is now the centre of my life. Thank you for inspiring me to take God more seriously. I wasn’t raised a Christian, and learned at a young age not to trust others, and as a result I am constantly surprised and feel great joy to discover that there are good people . . . who do the work of such a good God.

When I first encountered your website, I didn’t think I was able to follow your advice because I told myself I was too weak, and I felt angry about the things you had written. Having changed the way I live, I am testimony to the fact that, with the grace of God, even a wretch like me can follow the way of the mystics. It isn’t always easy for me, though, as I cling to my old habits and clutch at other unsatisfactory comforts. I would be very grateful if you would commend my efforts to the Almighty in your prayers. . . . I also pray that the wisdom that you have shared and which comes to us through the mystics will gain ground in this materialist world.


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