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[A comment from a priest regarding Jesusí Teaching About Sexuality and Marriage]

This is stupid. Accordingly, food is for survival, but if eaten for pleasure, it is a sin. So one should eat only rice cakes.

Rouíre a priest and you say, ďThis is stupid.Ē But be careful. Where is real stupidity?

Real Ecstasy

The experience of orgasm reaches far beyond the surface actions of stroking and caressing that stimulate it: at the moment of orgasm the deep inner organs are touched with a profound, but momentary, surrender to helplessness and a lack of control. Yet this is nothing other than personal pleasure, and it does nothing to serve God. Beyond mere personal pleasure, however, there is another experience possible for us, an experience of something deeper even than the orgasm itself: the experience of the soul in the mystical humility of spiritual emptiness and helplessness before God. When a soul that acknowledges its spiritual emptiness and helplessness is touched by God, it is mystically filled with grace, and the ecstasy of Godís touch of grace goes far deeper than a personal experience of bodily orgasmic pleasure. The soulís willingness to accept that divine grace is of profound service to God. Mystics know that, and they know it well.

Still, the orgasm does have a place in the mystical life; itís place is in the procreation of children within marriage. Accordingly, marriage was designed by God to be a matter of the souls of the spouses meeting in their spiritual emptiness and helplessness and being joined together by their love for God, ultimately reaching an ecstatic orgasmic climax in their desire for the procreation of a child. Hence, real Catholic marriage is a great spiritual enterprise and not a matter of personal satisfaction. Yet the only persons who can understand this are those who live by the profound contemplative prayer that defines true Catholic life.

Contemplative Prayer

So, what do most priests know of deep contemplative prayer? Well, sadly, not much. Most priests understand the soulís mystical yearnings only intellectually, according to the philosophy and theology they learned in seminary. Most priests do not pray contemplatively. Most priests do not understand the ecstasy of mystical surrender to God. Most priests are like you.

Real Stupidity

So, what about you? What if Jesusí teaching about marriage is true? And what if your adolescent comparison of sexuality with food and your glib condemnation of truth leads to the condemnation of your soul? Where is stupidity then?

In short, you lack the courage to be afraidóthe courage to be afraid of your own arrogant self-assurance.


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