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Psychological Healing
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Love of God

From the treatise On Spiritual Perfection by Diadochus of Photice, bishop

All our love must be for God

Those who take pride in themselves seek their own glory, but those who love God love the glory of their Creator. Those alive to the love of God can be recognized from the way they constantly strive to glorify Him by fulfilling all His commandments and by rejecting their own pride. Because of His great majesty it is fitting that God should receive glory, but those who love God seek to be humble. If we possess this love for God, we too will rejoice in His glory as Saint John the Baptist did, and we shall never stop repeating: His fame must increase, but mine must diminish.

Those who love God in the depths of their hearts have already been loved by God. In fact, the measure of our love for God depends upon how deeply aware we are of God’s love for us. When this awareness is keen, it makes whoever possesses it long to be enlightened by the divine light, and this longing is so intense that it seems to penetrate our very bones. We lose all consciousness of ourselves and are entirely transformed by the love of God.

Those who love God live in this life and at the same time do not live in it, for although they still inhabit their bodies, they are constantly leaving it in spirit because of the love that draws them toward God. Once the love of God has released them from pride of self, the flame of divine love never ceases to burn in their hearts, and they remain united to God by an irresistible longing. As the Apostle says: If I am taken out of myself it is for the love of God; if I am brought back to my senses it is for your sake.

—Saint Diadochus of Photice, bishop
(Office of Readings, Friday
Second Week in Ordinary Time


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