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How come the media hasn’t covered sexual abuse in Protestant churches? How is it different from sexual abuse in the Catholic Church?

As for the news media, many persons in the news and entertainment media hate the Catholic Church either because they’re anti-Christian liberals to begin with, or because they’re Protestants who believe it’s their Christian duty to hate Catholics, or because they have left the Church and hate God because of their parents’s hypocrisy.

As for sexual abuse, it’s all the same no matter what the context: family, school, university, or church. Granted, Catholic priests must be celibate, yet that only means that they cannot marry. But all Christians—indeed all humans—are responsible to God’s love which forbids sexual activity that is not open to procreation between a man and a woman within the indissoluble bond of Holy Matrimony and family. So no matter how you look at it, child sexual abuse, even if it is not a crime in all countries, is a mortal sin everywhere. No one will escape God’s judgment, and the standards by which we will be judged are the same for everyone, whether in the Church or out of it, whether faithful to it or protesting it.


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