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Psychological Healing
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Now what?

Well, now we have clear evidence that Biden tried to steal the election with premeditated fraud. This isn’t just a personal sin that must be handled delicately; it’s a public crime that must be exposed and condemned.

So what can we do? Keep praying fervently that Trump will be vindicated in the courts. Don’t listen to the news media; they’re just naddering nabobs of negativity. The battle will go on for several weeks yet, and the game isn’t over until it’s over.

Consider also this quote from a homily written in the second century:


Now we must surely know that even when the contest is for a wreath that lasts but a day, if anyone is found to be breaking the rules, he is flogged and driven off the racecourse. What do you suppose, then, will be the fate of the man who breaks the rules in the contest of the Christian life?


So why are the bishops silent regarding Biden’s crime? Why are the bishops silent in the face of this grave Communist and Satanist attack on truth? Why are the bishops like dogs with their tails between their legs? Well, maybe they are Communists and Satanists themselves. Consider that.


Make an Act of Reparation
for abuses against the Sacred Heart of Jesus


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Abandoned in childhood by his father, a man sought his revenge by laying plans to destroy the Catholic Church from within. With the support of his Communist backers, he became a priest influential in Vatican II and beyond—but then something happened that he didn’t plan. The God in whom he did not believe caused him to write his memoirs and then brought about his unexpected death in a traffic accident. Subsequently, the memoirs were brought to light and published. Moreover, in His great mercy, God gave the man a short time in a coma to contemplate his sins before he actually died. We don’t know the ultimate disposition of his soul, but we do know the reason for the unexpected disruption to his plans: the mystical sacrifice of a young woman known to the man as “Raven Hair.” Her sacrifice? She set aside her romantic hopes for this intriguing man and became a Carmelite nun to pray for his soul and for the good of the whole Church. Thus the conspiracy has been exposed, even though its effects are real and continue to affect the entire Church today.

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A treasure of a resource for psychological and spiritual healing. Information gathered from my websites is now available at your fingertips in book form.

Though Demons Gloat: They Shall Not Prevail
by Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.

Though we are attacked by liberal activists from without and by apostasy from within, the true Church—that is, the body of those who remain faithful to Church tradition—weeps, and she prays, because she knows the fate of those who oppose God.
     Our enemies might fear love, and they can push love away, but they can’t kill it. And so the battle against them cannot be fought with politics; it requires a pro­found personal struggle against the immorality of popular culture. The battle must be fought in the service of God with pure and chaste lifestyles lived from the depths of our hearts in every moment.

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