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Psychological Healing
in the Catholic Mystic Tradition

Disasters and Trauma 3E
The Struggle for Psychological and Spiritual Growth


Third Edition

We are being attacked by the chaos of natural disasters, terrorism, violence, hateful protest, social rudeness and vulgarity, and moral decay. Trauma is inflicting its claws on us everywhere.


Terrorism, social violence, and man-made and natural disasters are overwhelming our societies, and neither our governments nor our mental health systems really understand what is looming in front of us. This book addresses the psychological and spiritual components of trauma that are critical to coping with unexpected and shocking reality.
     An event is traumatic because it disrupts your previously secure sense of self. Consider that wild animals live with a constant, sharp awareness of perpetual danger, yet most people live with a naive—and deceptive—sense of safety and security to the point of denying their basic vulnerability and fragmented sense of self. So when something disastrous occurs, the psychological damage from the shattering of your illusions about life and identity may be more problematic than any physical damage. But psychological and spiritual growth can arise from trauma.



Disasters and Trauma
(Includes information about the Imaginary, the Real, and the Symbolic; maladaptive coping strategies; spiritual growth; breaking the cycle of blame and hatred)

(Includes information about the psychological and spiritual nature of evil and demonic influence)

(Includes information about the relationship between social fraud and hatred)

Antisocial Violence
(Includes information about the relationship between family dysfunction and antisocial violence)

Growth from Trauma
(Includes information on how growth can come from trauma)

(Includes information about managing unconscious anger)


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Disasters and Trauma 3E

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